How To Become A Male Model

If you’re male and want to get started in the modeling world, you’re probably wondering how to go about doing that, especially in an industry where so much of the focus seems to be on female models. This article will help you understand what you need to become a male model and tell you the basic steps to take to start your modeling career.

How To Become A Model

How To Become A Male Model

Although it may seem that in the fashion world, the girls get all the attention, fortunately there is also a thriving male fashion industry. There is plenty of work for male models, and they are constantly getting booked.

If you have an interest in modeling and feel you have what it takes, here are a few easy steps to get started. Keep in mind that most agencies require a height from 5’11” to 6’2” and under 175 pounds. It’s not a strict rule, and there are always exceptions, but be aware that that is the general requirement for many agencies. One advantage for male models is that they often work into their 40’s, which is much longer than most female models.

In addition, you will have to have a toned body. Primarily, male models are not too muscular (like a body builder), but they do have a fit and healthy appearance. Great skin is important too.

The following points are some key steps to getting started in the modeling world.

1. Know Your Niche

How To Become A Male Model

Know Your Niche

One of the most important starting points is to know your niche. A “niche” is similar to a “genre”. There are many different types of modeling, from runway, high fashion, editorial, to commercial, fit, sports. Compare yourself to other models in the industry to see what type of modeling you would be best suited for. Knowing your niche will help you focus in on where to target your efforts, which will ultimately allow you to be more efficient and effective in attaining your goals.

2. Locate an Agency Near You

If you live in a large city, this will be easy. If your town doesn’t have an agency, try the next largest town until you find an agency. There are boutique agencies all over the country that do some local work. Research and review their websites to make sure they are legitimate.

Some agencies have specific requirements for what they need their male models to adhere to. Certain agencies only have women. Be sure and do your research; you don’t want to waste everyone’s time sending photos to a female-only agency. Plus, find out how they accept new models. Usually they will either have an open call, where you go to the agency and present yourself, and they usually have a different time and date for men, or they will ask you to send in your photos. The photos do not have to be professional. They simply need to show your full body, in swim trunks or underwear, and your face and dazzling smile.

3. Build Your Portfolio

Whether you find an agent immediately or not, you’re going to need photos. Your agency can refer you to a photographer or you can find one on your own.

Be sure you find someone whose photos look like they could be in a magazine or catalog. Your pics need to look as professional as possible. You will need body shots and head shots, and usually something in a fashionable suit. Look at the male models in photos in magazines and catalogs, and try to build a portfolio that shows all your different moods and assets.

4. Follow Your Passions

If you haven’t gotten an agent yet, keep sending your professional photos. It takes a few attempts at knocking on doors. Plus, if you’re available to move, try sending your photos out of town, and see if your look is perfect for another city.

5. Be Available for Go-Sees and Auditions

How To Become A Male Model

Be Available for Go-Sees and Auditions

Once you sign with an agency, you will need to have an open and flexible schedule. Day jobs don’t work well for models because you will have castings (or go-sees) during the days. Also, note that most castings and bookings happen with short notice. Another helpful tip: make sure you have a valid passport. Who knows, you may get flown off to some far-flung city for a print campaign.

The above steps are key to getting started. The most important step is the first one – knowing your niche because if you don’t know your niche, you will waste a lot of time, effort, and money on the wrong things, or things that are not necessary.

So what’s your first step to becoming a successful male model?

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