How to Make Money Lifestyle Modeling

Modeling can be broken down into three major categories: Fashion, lifestyle and commercial. Lifestyle modeling is basically modeling day-to-day activities. It is the most popular type of modeling because it is in the highest demand. All types of products use lifestyle models, not just fashion designers. Because lifestyle modeling is the most popular, there is the most work, hence the most money to be made. No matter what your look is, you can be a lifestyle model. So how can you cash in on this exciting and lucrative industry? Keep reading.

Modeling and talent agencies are your best bet for getting paid work as a lifestyle model. The agencies specialize in placing the right talent with the right casting director or ad agency. If you are new to the modeling world, do some online research and find a few talent agencies close to you. If you live in a small town, you may need to consider moving to where the action is if you are interested in pursuing this as a career. Each agency will have different requirements for new talent. Find out how they accept new talent. You may have to go in and meet them in person right away, or they may want you to send photos first. Many agents do not require that you have professional photos right away. They just want to see you. Once you find an agency they will help guide you on how to put together a portfolio that will represent you in that specific market. They make money when they help you get work, so take their advice.

Good photos are an important part of getting noticed in this competitive business. If you haven’t found an agent and want to get started on building a portfolio, you first need to find a photographer. Make sure you find someone with a professional looking portfolio themselves. If they have done advertising work, that is a plus. Their photos should look like they came right out of a magazine. Good photos will make clients and agents take you more seriously. There are a few basic looks you should have in your portfolio. A headshot and a full body shot are necessities. If you’re comfortable, something in a swimsuit would be beneficial as well. Lifestyle modeling is not high fashion. It is posing doing day to day activities: shopping, working, gardening, or hanging with the family. Keep this in mind when building your portfolio.

Anyone can work as a lifestyle model, but it is important to take good care of yourself. Simple things like a good haircut, nice skin and a healthy outlook will keep you ahead.

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