Modeling Genre Glossary

Here are some of the main genres for models:

Glamour – modeling which focuses on the feminine, sexy, and often openly sensual looks.

Art – modeling for artists or art classes.

High Fashion – modeling which focuses on the clothing, and sometimes makeup, of a model. Tall, extremely slender, and youthful models are the models that usually fit this genre.

Commercial - modeling for commercial uses. This can include flyers, magazine ads, or even TV commercials. Looks vary, but as long as you have a marketable look, you can find work.

Parts - modeling that centers around one part of a model’s body. This includes hands, feet, legs, and even hair.

Promotional – debated about actually being a genre of modeling, this is basically doing promotional work for company, often in the form of handing out flyers or doing demonstrations. More professionally variations of promotional modeling and include being a brand ambassador or tradeshow hostess.

Fashion – modeling which focuses on clothing, but isn’t necessarily couture fashion. Typical work would be catalog work.

Art Photography - modeling that focuses on the artistic side of modeling. Can be nude, implied nude, or non-nude.

Nude modeling – can also be art modeling, art photography modeling, glamour, or even fetish modeling. The main idea behind this modeling is that it is NUDE.

Swimsuit modeling – modeling that focuses on swimsuits, and can be either fashion or glamour themed.

Lingerie modeling – modeling that is focused on lingerie.

Plus size modeling - any form of fashion, art photography, art, etc. modeling which has a model over the size of 12 and up depending on agency standard.

Runway modeling – generally high fashion or hair and makeup oriented. Instead of posing for photos, you walk on a runway during a show.

Fit modeling – modeling that is done to assist designers in making clothing. Literally, seeing if clothes fit you.

Fitness modeling – not to be confused with fit modeling, modeling that focuses on a muscular physique.

Alternative modeling/goth modeling – models who have piercing, tattoos, and funky hair. Usually for goth clothing companies.

Pinup – a glamour classic. It focuses on looking like you are from the 1950′s, and takes inspiration from Marilyn Monroe or Bettie Page.

Urban modeling – modeling which appears in magazines like “Urban Ink” and “King”.  A mix of glamour and ethnic.

Ethnic modeling – modeling that is done by people from non-mainstream culture. Often embraces the cultural difference and celebrates it. Alek Wek is a high fashion ethnic model.

Pageanteering – beauty pageantry.

Child modeling – modeling for children under 13.

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