Plus Size Modeling

Plus size modeling is a very high in demand career. It can be referred to as plus size, larger woman, big woman and more.

Plus Size Model

The main difference in plus size modeling as opposed to any other are the requirements of a plus size model. Generally speaking a plus size model is 5′ 8″ inches to 6″ in height and wears larger sizes. It’s very important to have a proportional figure. Arguably some of the strongest requirements come from within. You will need confidence, inner drive and very thick skin. A modeling career is a very tough one to be in and plus size modeling is no different.

With any type of modeling (EX: swimsuit modeling, glamour modeling, etc.) you will want to have a great portfolio. When starting off and looking for an agency, one or two great head shots of yourself and one to three full body shots in flattering attire should be fine.  As you get work and gain experience then you can add to and enhance your portfolio.

Be leery if you attend an agency and they want you to spend a lot of money to enhance your modeling portfolio, you do not have to do this. However, asking you to test shoot for your book with photographers they like is normal.  SOMETIMES it costs a bit but shouldn’t be more than a few hundred dollars for each test, hopefully including hair and makeup… try asking if they have any photographers that will shoot with you for free first.

If you don’t get photos that show you at your best with natural hair and makeup then it may be best to go in with none at all. Any photos should show how photogenic you are.  If  they are not amazing quality then don’t use them.

There is a lot of opportunity out there for plus size modeling. Once you have your  portfolio prepared it’s now the time to contact some modeling agencies. Take your time to do this and just don’t pick just any one. Also never pay a fee to sign or apply to a modeling agency. If they like you they will be paying for you to work for them, you should never have to pay to try to get a job. Thoroughly check the agencies that are out there. Interview them and ask other professionals what they think of them.  Pick the top three to five after you have researched them all then call at the beginning of the week to see when their open calls are.  Feel free to ask questions of them as they will of you. Be respectful yet determined but do not take any potential rejection personally.

Sometimes an agency already has models with your look and they don’t want internal competition, they are not taking any more models at the moment, your look doesn’t fit their agency and the clients that they cater too, or they don’t have time to develop you.  Whatever the case, as with most things in life,  it’s usually NOT personal so keep your head high and move on to the next agency.  If the agency takes you on, great!

Do keep in mind in plus size modeling, as in any modeling there are numerous opportunities out there. There is definitely money to be made if pursued properly. Look at Crystal Renn, said to be one of the top plus size models right now, and she is estimated to make seven figures a year.

Remain confident and learn the best way to sell yourself. You never know plus size modeling may be your niche.